Amphisbaena and Datura

127.00 - 175.00
Amphisbaena and Datura

UNATUR: Dark Artworks inspired by Mythical Creatures and the Forces of Nature.

Amphisbaena and Datura:
Venom and Poison, Flora and Fauna.
Amphisbaena is the venomous snake with two heads -one in each end. In Greek mythology, it was created from the blood of Medusa when her head dripped on the Libyan Desert. Here, one of the snake heads bites the Datura flower -also known as the Devil's Trumpet, which is one of the most poisonous plants in the world and known to cause madness and death.

Museum-quality giclee print from a pencil drawing, open edition.
Detail and colors will last up to 100 years without fading.

40x50cm or 30x40cm

Paper: Somerset photo 300g, age-resistant, acid free, archival paper.
Printed on an Epson SureColor printer in minimum 1440dpi.

Made to order.
Frame not included.

Amphisbaena and Datura Amphisbaena and Datura